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Easy solutions for your IAM requirements

It doesn't matter which IAM platfor do you use. We love Okta but we can also work with Azure AD, Rippling. Or if you want an HR Driven application infrastructure, we also love Workday, UKG, Ultipro and many others.

Services we’re providing to our customers

We have a quite small variety of services because we want to do a great job for all of our customers.

IAM Platform administration

You don't have to worry anymore. We will take care of it

Security analysis

A data breach can be scary. Check your vulnerabilities

Universal Access

You make to choose who and from where is accessing your resources

IAM Platform arhitecture

We will build an infrastructure that works for you.

the way we work

Understandig your requirements
Explaining what has been done
Migrating it to prod
Start testing the deployment in a staging env
Planning the whole process



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